On the Road with Jane

Now and then our mailbox gets a boost with a lovely postcard from Jane Adams, the creator of Jane’s Vanity. Where is Jane this time? And what’s new? This winter she is road-testing exotic leather accessories from LA designer Elisabeth Weinstock. Jane sends little word pictures from afar. Let’s take a peek:


Lots of great distractions in London. I will be traveling the entire month of December & I’m ready. I wouldn’t consider the journey without my trusty travel companions, Elisabeth Weinstock’s fabulous exotic leather goods. Her pieces make it easy to be organized & present a polished appearance:

The Sydney Weekender Tote is vital for long flights. Inside I tuck the Dubai Makeup Bag. She holds all of my essential skincare favorites for the flight. Once I’ve arrived, the Dubai does double duty as a clutch that can easily work for both day or night. Sweet! I also like to add a Harbor Island Wristlet Clutch. She can hold my credit cards, my iPhone & lipstick, & it’s also perfect for quick trips out & about. I also toss in a Tokyo Cross Body in a bright color or print. They are perfect companions for a hands-free outing. Everything is organized inside my Sydney for a smooth flight & I can rest easy knowing I have options once I arrive.

I also always travel with EW's Travel Valet (a little tray that folds flat). Mine’s in bright orange, hard to forget & so convenient once I’m at my hotel room. 

Next on the agenda: An island escape! Sun and rustling palm trees can cast a spell.

Bon Voyage


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