Gold is so handy. Elemental, as they say. Its bright lustre goes with everything. See it often in the lingerie world, as a tiny decoration or a bold statement. Jane’s Vanity offers gold in moods as varied as you.

Festive: The mood could come from a special invitation or from deep in your soul. Start the party with Coco de Mer Golden Heron Bodysuit in navy stretch silk. Its bateau neckline (with keyhole!) is made entirely of metallic gold embroidered tulle.

Magnificent: A single golden color makes a regal statement. Wear it lavishly in Studio Pia’s Petra Amber Collection of Convertible Lingerie Set and Silk Robe. Longline bra set and thigh-high robe are sleekly simple and simply breathtaking. 

Mellow: Chartreuse silk and shimmering gold lace make a soothing combination. Infuse your world with the calming beauty of Gilda & Pearl’s Golden Hour Collection. Choose from Camisole Set, Silk Top, Silk Slip, and Silk Robe.

Secret: When you need a friend, Taryn Winters is there to provide a boost. We love the new Pomona Gilded Lace Bodysuit and Lingerie Set. Styled, as always, to ride a little bit low, its black background is subtly enhanced with scrolling gold. Just your little secret. Or not.

Frisky: The sun is out. The air is champagne. And you are wearing your happy mood in Gilda & Pearl’s Persephone Collection of pale golden yellow silk. Embellished with subtly metallic white floral lace, it welcomes spring with Silk Camisole Set, Silk Slip, or short Silk Robe.

Each of these JV golden pieces would be a mixable addition to your lingerie and loungewear wardrobe. Not only versatile, but also inspiring. The spark we all need.

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