Looking Forward

In mid-summer, just for a moment, there is a whisper of autumn in the air. Then it’s gone. And you are left sitting in your lawn chair, suddenly thinking of the coming year. Of big events. And what you will wear. Nice to know that Jane’s Vanity has already figured it out for you.

The virtue of a JV wardrobe is that each unique piece will serve you well for many years. It is the beauty of the garment that gives it its versatility. And your knack for accessorizing will make each wearing a new experience–and a bit of a thrill. Let’s imagine the year ahead:

August brings the Big Birthday. OMG. This calls for a party, with you as honored guest. So wear Christine Vancouver’s strappy Meghan Luxe White Silk Crepe Gown. The weight of 30 momme silk crepe gives it swing all the way down. You give it attitude with your boho assortment of colorful beach jewelry. If the evening gets chilly, wrap up in one of Ika Paris’s luxuriously capacious print scarves.

For a “shoulder season” autumn vacation, you can wear the Meghan again, this time with a tee underneath  or a blouse on top. The Camo Bloom Silk Blouse from Violet & Wren would sit lightly on your own shoulders like a capelet.

Next, it’s Opera season. Set the stage with the Meghan again, this time in black. It is your backdrop for both jewels and the burgundy red silk velvet of Gilda & Pearl’s Sultan Garland Short Robe. During intermezzo, allow the robe to swing open to reveal its lining of brick red silk.

An evening wedding is coming up in January. The Meghan Gown, in black, will be just the thing, dressed up with a glimpse of the Orunée Bodysuit or Viéve High Neck Bralette Set from Hervé by Céline Marie. FInish with Christine Vancouver’s Moonlight Silk-Lined Velvet Jacket. 

The graduation in June suggests a saucer straw hat and the simplicity of, well, you know.

Enjoy your summer dreams of a well-dressed future, in a few special pieces from Jane’s Vanity.

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