Lingerie Laundering Celebration

If your lingerie drawer is seeming a little empty, it may be time to buy more lingerie. Or perhaps to do some laundry?
Even if you have one of those “sidekick” drawers in your washing machine, you must really hand-launder Jane’s treasures. Treat the process as a celebration.

Essential tools and supplies:
Small plastic laundry tub (smooth sides), a squeeze bottle of mild detergent (we love Soak), big fluffy towel, cute plastic clothes peg hangers in 12/2 tiered circles or squares.

To avoid snagging stockings, wash them separately from other lingerie (no second chances!)
Remove rings with any raised surfaces and be sure that your nails are smooth
Ponder the washing instructions on all garments

First prepare the cool sudsy water. Add the garments and gently swish them around before allowing them to sit in the sudsy water for a few minutes. Gently rub suds into any areas that may require extra cleaning. Rinse garments thoroughly (two rinses may be necessary) and squeeze gently to remove as much water as possible (no wringing!). If you’re using Soak, you can skip the rinsing step.

Remove garments to a fresh fluffy towel (I prefer beach towels from Brazil!), lay flat, then roll towel up to squeeze out more water. Allow the roll to rest for a few minutes.

Hang the garments to dry. Method is certainly personal preference. If you use one of the tiered plastic clothes peg hangers, hung on the shower curtain rod perhaps, it will give your bathroom a definite girly look. Nice opportunity to admire your lovely assortment of purchases from Jane’s Vanity also.
Whatever hanging method you use, you can help bras dry without twisting or stretching by either pegging them upside down from between the cups or hanging them across a towel rack.

Folding and Storage
Your lingerie drawer/s should get a fabulosity check once in awhile. So satisfying to remove everything, wipe the drawers clean and revamp.

I like to line my lingerie drawers with shiny wrapping paper that reflects light. Next I use clear plastic storage trays in various sizes to fill the drawers and make compartments. The paper shows through the boxes, which looks great. And the boxes are smooth, so protective. After you have returned your lingerie to its storage, you can use any extra space for a sachet, freshly sprayed with perfume, or a memento such as a tiny framed photograph--something to make you smile..

Bras can be displayed standing up--like sunglasses, I suppose. Band and straps can fill the bra cups from behind to give shape. Arrange in whatever color story suits your fancy.

Panties can be folded and rolled, then compartmentalized in a rainbow of color.

The folding of stockings offers years of mini-improvements. The less you touch stockings the better, so store in a way that allows you to see them and keep them supported. Stockings can be folded, rolled, or wrapped around your hand to make a sort of rosette.

Your stockings will tell you what they want. Very delicate stockings can be carefully folded into thirds and then, possibly, rolled up. They might need a separate small compartment for each pair or two pairs. Or try small individual organdy drawstring bags with an identifying label slipped inside. Looks pretty. Sturdier tights can be rolled in a similar way, or curled into a rosette, then stored in a line, perhaps by color, with some sort of side support.

To make a rosette: start by holding the waistband of your tights gently between thumb and forefinger. With the other hand, wrap both legs of the tights round and round the band. Tuck the toes of the stockings into the middle of the snail shape. Voila.

Best wishes for a happy laundry moment to celebrate the art of lingerie.

-Kate L

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