Chic & Versatile: The Scarf

It's the easiest thing in the world, to add a little cool chicness, warmth & drama to your day or evening, simply by knotting a scarf around your neck. In fact I have one wrapped around my neck this morning as I compose my thoughts.

It's a chilly morning at home in Barga Italy, and I'm thinking how clever I was to pack not only a few scarves for myself, but for tucking a few new ones from Klements in as well, to have ready gifts on hand. Imagine the surprise & pleasure of an impromptu gift; and there's no size issue to consider! They take up absolutely no room in a suitcase, particularly this time of year when they become lighter than air. Plus, I can't remember a flight I've been on recently that I haven't had a least one or two scarves wound around my neck. To the rescue; it's always too cold or too hot on board and I'm ready to loosen or tighten as required.

I've always thought the scarf worn on the head & tied under the chin was a peculiar look, but I'm considering another view - maybe my mother wasn't so weird. If Sophia Loren can rock that look I might at least give it a try, and what better place then Italy?! I picture myself in the passenger seat of our tiny convertible gliding along the narrow, magnificently scenic mountainous roads. The wind is whipping around my face, but no worries, I'm wearing my head scarf & the largest sunglasses I own; ready set!! Ah, the weather does not agree, heavy gray clouds & rain do not fit in this dream scenario. Next trip, in late June, I'm sure to put it into action.

However, next weekend I will be home in Scotland for a few days, and if they're grey, I've got another plan! I'm picturing Queen Elizabeth walking the Scottish countryside in her head scarf. I think I will adopt that look & take a stroll.

Once again a scarf provides chicness & practical functionality. But on the flip side, they can be fun flights of fancy. Let your imagination set sail with scarves!


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