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What does it mean to wear fine lingerie?

Before my first stroll by and into Jane’s Vanity, my lingerie education was limited to shopping malls. I had, of course, seen lovely photos of stunning lingerie sets and pieces in magazines and on the Internet, but had never seen anything in person. I had never caressed the whisper of silk and lace. I had never seen what hand crafted lingerie did for my feminine form.

The first difference was, of course, the personalized care and time Jane and Emily spent with me. I was free to browse through the extensive selection in the shop, but the thoughtfully selected pieces recommended with each visit were chosen to suit my body type, my aesthetic, my coloring, and how I liked my body to look.

The second difference was how I felt about myself. Gone were the days of feeling like my breasts could only have one shape. Gone were the days of telling myself that my body must be a bit off if something did not fit. Jane and Emily educated me in the different forms and fits of bras while never making me feel less for not having known. The empowerment of a more European style where it was not about padding and push up, but the natural movement of breasts and body positivity where small and larger breasts were equally desirable, changed the way I saw my body.

And then there was the luxury! The feel of real silk, fine lace, the delicate details that made each piece worthy of royalty. Never had I treated myself to anything so decadent, but in that moment I realized that every day was worthy of finery, of quality, of sensual beginnings. In that first visit, I promised myself that this is how my body should be treated. I would start every day by running my fingers over the soft and finely crafted choices, choosing the pieces that reflected my mood, my mindset, my liberation, and my sexuality of the day.

I am forever changed by my foray into the world of Jane’s Vanity and forever grateful for the experience. Whether it’s your first purchase or you are contemplating adding to your collection, I say, do it! You are always worth it.

-Wendy M

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