The Many Facets of Motherhood

Many ancient civilizations (and some more modern) have celebrated a ‘mother goddess’ - a creator who represents the protective nature of motherhood and powers of fertility. Mother’s Day is around the corner, which has us thinking about the symbolism of motherhood and the goddess nature. While womanhood and the feminine spirit encompass far more than fertility and procreation, the depth and power of the mother energy certainly deserves respect and celebration.

At her best, the mother is is the ultimate example of unconditional love. A deeply nurturing spirit is paired with the ingrained desire to protect their progeny from the things that could harm it in life, as well as to ultimately help guide it to a future that is filled with health and happiness. She will care for you in illness, celebrate your successes, and help shape you into the most powerful version of yourself.

In reality, not all of us are lucky enough to have this relationship with our biological mothers. The endless divergences of life can lead to a multitude of reasons for physical or emotional separation from the mother, not least of which is a simple conflict in personality and preferences. This reality can make Mother’s Day (and, by extension, Father’s Day) emotionally challenging for those who don’t feel the depth of bond that’s being celebrated, or can no longer physically celebrate it with a mother that has already left this world. But just as there are these divergences, most of us are blessed with a profusion of people in our worlds who uphold the traditional role of the mother: a nurturing and supportive guide along the path of life.

With this in mind, we will be spending this Mother’s Day not only celebrating the women who brought us into this world, but also those who have shaped and guided us through our journey within it. From those who offered insights and balance in our childhood to those friends who have nurtured the deepest parts of our souls, there are a multitude of people to whom we owe gratitude on this Mother’s Day. Whether your relationship with your mother is strong or distant, present or based in memory, take time on May 14th to give thanks to the women who have helped guide you through life and offered their unconditional love and support.

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