Life’s Little Rewards

The day beckons, but there you are, still in bed. What might succeed in prying you out, where the alarm clock has failed? The thought of the fabulous new silk robe that is waiting to embrace you! Lovely lingerie and loungewear from Jane’s Vanity can lure us through an entire day. A touch of luxury is so rewarding. For example:

When you meet your deadline, even though you were chased by tigers as you ran through the forest and had to swing from a vine across a deep canyon, then you deserve... Klements’s Antwerpen Silk Pajamas in pale aqua printed with sepia-toned scenes of boats, ruins, wildlife, and hidden treasures.

When you teach a class on Zoom to 25 people whom you don’t know who are in their pajamas, then you certainly deserve... Violet & Wren’s Camo Bloom Blouse that makes you look so wonderful from the waist up.

When you make ravioli for the homeless shelter and include a salad and your own secret-recipe chocolate chip cookies, then you deserve... Voiment’s Shimmer Dot Bralette Set to wear as you clean up the kitchen. 

When you not only get a publishing contract for your book, but also have a bidding war and a nice advance, you more than deserve... Olivia Von Halle’s Athena Muse Silk Blouse for all of the book parties that you plan to attend.

When you agree to run this year’s ice cream social in the local park, then, before you even do anything about it, you must deserve...the Midnight Jade Long Robe from Gilda & Pearl. And, of course, the Sophia Jade Slip to go with it.

Virtue may be its own reward. But, Jane’s Vanity is our reward.

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