Leafy Greens

Getting your greens? They make you strong and healthy. And beautiful. Jane's Vanity has collected a new assortment of greens that will do you good. Because they work together in the most delicious ways.

Be amazed by the textile art of Zoe Chen, whose NYC design house Zoelle is new to JV.  This season she molds an original green print fabric into easy-to-wear pieces that feature pleats, asymmetrical hems, and signature fabric placement. The garments are designed to move, and to fit differently on individual bodies. Glide through summer in the Slip dress, Reversible Hi-Low Dress, or the Reversible Hi-Low Blouse and Wrap Skirt. 

Enhance these looks with “dessous/dessus” (underneath and above). Begin with the Freolic Ocean Silk and Lace Lingerie Set in silver lace and a marine blue silk. Follow it with Vannina Vesperini’s Long Camisole in a glorious sea glass shade of green, and top everything with her matching 3 ⁄ 4 sleeve fuzzy Sweater.

For a final touch, add the Elisabeth Weinstock Tokyo Emerald Glaze Cross Body Bag, and onto it tie the subtle aqua of Ika Paris’s Porto Vecchio Blu Scarf. 

Hey, you cute tomato. Your JV summer greens are here, suitable to mix into a salad or a suitcase. Feel your best, in light, airy, versatile pieces that nurture you from morning ‘till night.

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