Mic Drop

No “French Exit” for you, when you wear Jane’s Vanity. Your departure will be triumphant, like the famous “Mic Drop.” Enjoy a memorable goodbye, in scintillating rear views from Jane’s Vanity.

The term “Fashion Mic Drop” was coined recently by British Vogue fashion editor Sarah Harris to describe the effect of making an exit while nonchalantly trailing along something unexpected and witty...  As if to say, “so there.” We like the idea. But are we making the most of it? Let’s take a backward glance.

Consider the Ultra Blue Peony Silk Gown from Violet & Wren. Its bold floral print puddles to the floor. Its cut-out back is filled with black French lace. Its bosom-enhancing plunging V-neck at front is just wishing for a fishtail au revoir.

Merle Noir’s Nikiya Asymmetrical Top looks good coming or going. The triangle cups are lace-embroidered, the body is silk chiffon that curves around to a long fin at back. For a memorable retreat, it will romance a jacket or slender trousers. And look nice at home, all by itself.

For easy sashaying, Christine Vancouver’s Moonlight Velvet Gown features crossed spaghetti straps that frame a low back with draped cowl detail. Need more? Try swishing the high slit at leg.

Or twirl out the door in one of the new Zennor Dresses from Klements (in Witchflower or Reindeer) with its skirt of almost 16 feet of bias-cut silk. 

Nothing more to say than “watch your back,” in lovely statement pieces from Jane’s Vanity. 

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