Jane's Ode to Color

I'm in the midst of a travelorama, leaving DC for our home high in the Tuscan mountainside for some sunshine & firefly watching. Emily is in the midst of a summer look book shoot, & the colorful sneak peeks she's been sending me has inspired me to write my ode to color.

There is something about color & patterns I find to be so soothing & peculiarly calming; white walls have the exact opposite effect on me; they are disquietingly alarming.

As soon as I acquired the space that has ultimately become the Jane's Vanity atelier; affectionately referred to as the Paisley due to the liberal application of paisley wallpapers on most every wall. All creamy surfaces were banned; to be transformed by the beauty & power that colors & patterns evoke; even the ceilings have been bejeweled! When I walk into the Paisley, even though it is our work space, my heart settles & I feel enveloped in a tranquil peace that all of the color & patterns conspire to bring a sense of calm.

Now you may find this strange, but I feel the same way regarding my lingerie. Bold colors, quirky designs, that may be too zingy in my outerwear attire, I find completely comforting, under wraps & just for my knowledge & the pleasing calm it brings to my mood.  In a crazily fast paced world, whatever techniques you find to bring a sense of calmness are to be treasured.


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