Bridal: Behind the Scenes

Lingerie & romance: has there ever been a better match? While we fully believe in wearing lingerie for your own pleasure, we hold a special place in our hearts for garments worn for special occasions, forever imbued with the memory of their first wearing. This is one of the many reasons that we love procuring lingerie for wedding nights or honeymoons. These treasures celebrate the height of love, and will forever remind the wearer of that special time and place.

Shooting a bridal-specific lookbook was made easy by some wonderful connections. With access to a stunning private garden that evoked fairytale romance & a talented photographer as a friend and collaborator, everything came together beautifully. A few hiccups in weather & model health caused an initial rescheduling, but when we awoke on shoot day to glowing sunshine and temperatures in the mid-eighties, we knew it was all for the best!

We chose some of our most ethereal, sentimental collections to showcase in this bridal lookbook. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their wedding in such dreamy swaths of silk and lace? These offerings embrace traditional bridal themes in shades of ivory and blue, replete with romantic detailing. We turned to our treasured collaborator, Nico with Spellbound Flowers, to create a floral crown and bouquet to further emphasize the bridal theme. As always, she worked floral magic and completely captured the mood of the shoot.

We have worked with Jess Pierson for a number of photo and video projects, and have always been impressed with her ability to put everyone in front of the camera at ease & capture precisely the mood we were seeking. After recently having her beautifully photograph my own wedding, she was the first person to come to mind for this project. As always, she was thoughtful and organized in the planning process, and arrived at the shoot with three different cameras (digital, film & polaroid) and abundance of options should we encounter bad lighting. From the first time she showed me one of the captures on the small screen on the back of her digital camera, I knew she had it – she was perfectly capturing the light and mood that we had discussed for this shoot. The images truly speak for themselves – they are magical, and she did an exquisite job!

Our models were carefully selected to represent a range of personalities and sizes, each offering their own spin on the bridal theme. In these three women we captured three distinct moods: the ingénue, the goddess & the danseuse. It was such a joy to capture sizes ranging from 32B to 36E in one shoot, a diversity we look forward to bringing to future shoots as well! All of the models were a true pleasure to work with, and their hard work and dedication were so appreciated. (Thank you, Samantha, Lillias & Laudan!)

We’ve worked with Ashley Hasenkopf for hair/makeup on the majority of our product shots, and have always loved her sunny personality and great talent for highlighting the natural beauty of the models without overwhelming their features with makeup. As always, she perfectly captured the mood of the shoot, giving each model a distinct look that fit perfectly within the shoot as a whole. This is the last shoot we’ll get to work with her on before she departs to travel the globe. We are so delighted that she was available for this project, and can’t wait to work with her again on her return! 

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