Bralettes and Travel

Speaking of bralettes, I'm gladdened to see their rise in status in the lingerie kingdom. 
I travel a lot, in fact I often say my home is up in the skies. My last trip started with one of those endless days. I departed Seattle to Dubai. First class on Air Emirates is a dream in itself & certainly helps with enduring fourteen hours in the air. However I digress. I met my beloved at the airport; we slipped over to the Meridian Hotel & enjoyed a leisurely lunch out of doors. Fresh air is always welcomed after long hours confined in an airplane; & off we went on another flight to Ankara Turkey. That truly was the endless day. But what can be as simple as traveling in a soft cup bra translates to a mood saver. I for one do not wish to sleep in an underwire bra, anything that alleviates the discomfort of hours confined in a small location such as an airplane seat qualifies as a godsend; thank heavens for soft cup bras! They are great travel companion & easily packable. Just one of the many reasons they should never be overlooked in your lingerie wardrobe. We have some beautiful editions in stock for your summer travels.

Bon Voyage!

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