Bralettes For All

No underwire? No problem. The lingerie trend towards bralettes has been steadily growing, influencing even the most unlikely of lingerie behemoths. And what’s not to love? With a vast array of beautiful styles and the added comfort of being underwire free, we can see why triangle bras are in the fashion forefront. Here are some tips for embracing the trend, and a few of our favorite offerings!

The distinctive lace placement on Fleur of England’s boudoir bras has been knocked off by so many designers it’s head spinning, but nothing will ever compare to the original. The most luxurious of materials and sublime craftsmanship combine to make an unbeatably romantic style. Opulent details make these perfect for special occasions like romantic getaways or bridal lingerie, yet the easy wear makes them a dreamy everyday luxury. Layer these beauties under a sheer tee or loose fitting tank to show off the lace accents! These true triangle bralettes are most easily worn by  A and B cups, and are best suited for those whose breasts are more close set due to the narrow width of the cup.

Looking for the ultimate travel bra? These classic triangle bras from Italian luxury lingerie designer Valery are both stunningly beautiful and astonishingly comfortable. Ultra-soft mesh and lace is structured in a wider-based triangle, making these beauties flattering on both close and wide-set breasts in a B or C cup. These sets are perfect for making everyday a little more luxurious.

Need a bit more support? Go for a soft cup which utilizes seaming or side-boning for a more structured version of the bralette style. These simple additions will help provide lift and shape, and are super flattering for somewhat larger busts, those whose breasts are more wide-set, and women who have less elasticity. 


Women who wear a D cup or larger may have a hard time finding a bralette that will work for their bust or give the same look that they do on smaller-breasted women. A sheer underwired bra with a similar "triangle" shape offers an option for a natural shape and similar look, while offering a bit more support.

Have you embraced the bralette trend? Are you a staunch believer in everyday underwires? Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram and let us know! 

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