The Water Trilogy: Part III

You might have a clue by now, that I like water. I like to drink it, bathe in it, & swim in it. I've heard that water is a metaphor for emotions; I rather like that thought.  It's true; water can quench your thirst, soothe your soul, & of course, there is what I like to refer to, as the zen of swimming.

Swimming can be very meditative as well as having zero impact on your bones & joints.  Its pretty much a perfect sport, (I could be biased, it has the water element I adore) & we are at the juncture where outdoor water options begin!  A tranquil lake, a babbling brook, or a mighty ocean.  Outside of a lake; rivers & oceans introduce currents which have an adverse effect on the zen aspect of swimming.  Oh well, there is the wind & waves to give some thought to regarding a calm lake; but who isn't up to a challenge now & then? Something to contemplate before plunging in!  On the upside of all this, outdoor swimming has no chlorination, a true benefit to the longevity of your swimsuit. I do mourn the death of my swimsuits, so I try to rotate through the myriad of swimming options with just as many suits.

I also enjoy just as many options as to what will cover my swimsuit. Something to slide into & over your swimsuit should have more thought then just that. After all, a towel maybe a requirement, but a cover up is versatility in spades! Two I have my eyes on from our latest collections that I think might need to join mine, and they're so beautifully different, are the Morpho & Luna linen tunic & Fleur's splash colored silk. The simple sophistication of the ivory linen as it was designed is a dream for sleeping, but imagine it over your swimsuit as you stroll along the path to your chosen body of water, & later on over a little more wardrobe straight on into the rest of your day. Fleur's colorful coverup is set for a party! Fun, fun, fun; no time like the present to get into the swim of it.


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