The Water Trilogy: Part II

The miracle of bathing; that might be only a slight exaggeration. Nothing better than a bath to soothe the spirit. I think of it as an affordable luxury, & easily attainable.  Really, you just need a good bathtub & some time. I personally do not like naked water, it needs some salts or oils, & definitely some fragrance. A few candles, maybe some reading material; if nothing is calling me into the world, a lovely glass of champagne, & I'm set! A float in a bath can revive your spirits to help launch you into the day or soothe away the rough edges of the day & ease you closer to dreamland. It's perfect before a stressful meeting or after an evening of reveling. Are you getting the picture of just how great a bath can be? It's the easiest form of escapism I know of, plus its a multitude of health benefits!  

Now the question of stepping out of the bath & what to slip into. I'm usually on fire from soaking in extremely warm water for an extended period. So after toweling, I reach for a breathable silk or cotton robe. Wrapped in the perfect slip of a robe, I'm ready to contemplate my next move into the world with a sense of serenity brought to you by the miracle of a bath; not such an exaggeration after all!


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