The Coolness of Whites

What is the definition of the color white?  Is it the absence of color? There's something scary about no color when you are describing a color. However, isn't black suppose to be all color absorbed into the depths of black? This could cause some craziness! And consider the extreme opposites of what symbolically they represent & you could easily get lost in the labyrinth of theories.  Black equals darkness in all it's connotations while white is pureness & calm, who decided that? 

It was just a few short days ago that I was sitting in my garden in our home in Italy; sun was shining, I was embracing the warmth of summer, & suddenly the coolness of whites made such good sense. 

Now you might remember that only a few short days ago, I was extolling the depths & richness of color, & how very soothing that is to my soul. And that's all true. But I hadn't considered the heat factor of the summer season. White & every shade that slips into the pastels invokes a soothing coolness to counterbalance the assault of the sun. You might gather, I'm not a sun worshipper! Anything that will help with even the illusion of cool, I embrace. That's why I'm looking at my palest lingerie with all new eyes. I've also discovered that I might need an infusion of cool new pales to add to my personal collection. Thank goodness it's still my birthday week & I might give myself a present!  Why don't you too; I think we have a sale going on to celebrate my birthday*!  Cheers, to your very own personal holiday.


*It's Jane's Birthday Week! Celebrate with us by taking 22% OFF any purchase from 6/19-6/26 with code CELEBRATEWITHUS at checkout. Happy shopping!

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