In The Crowd

An evening out? Hurrah! Wrap your personal style around it. The little details are key to confidence, comfort, and a lovely time. Jane’s Vanity helps you enjoy getting dressed for tonight. Here’s the plan:

Big picture: One item or concept can set things in motion. Will you be cool and collected, or a little bit out there? Is it a jewel you wish to showcase or your introspective mood? Once you know, the rest falls into place. This evening, you dress to feel alone in a crowd--protected, enveloped. You’ll choose Dana Pisarra’s wool and silk knits. Unobtrusive at (someone else’s) first glance, perhaps. But perfect in their small details of subtle color, ribbing, and lace. They make you warm, relaxed, and exultant. And it shows.     

Ensemble players: To suit your mood, just add your Whirlwind Tights from Falke in navy flower-patterned lace. Cultivate a slouchy little walk in Lise Charmel’s Sublime a Deux Silk Trousers. The navy stretch silk moves with you, shines with you. Nice with kitten boots that show off those Whirlwind Tights.

Accessories: Wrap up in an Ika Paris giant silk square, the 51” x 51” Crepuscule Scarf in Blue or Green.

And BTW, don’t miss our exciting new accessories collection titled, “In the Style of Jane.” 

That little extra something: What will it be? A lucky charm? Try Karolina Laskowska’s Selene Choker crafted from sheer black scalloped lace embroidered with iridescent sequins. Charming. Perhaps it was the real “big picture” concept all along--to match the Selene Couture Lingerie Set that you are wearing underneath. You’re having too much fun. 

TIme to go. Report back tomorrow. Jane’s Vanity is all ears.

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