In Reserve

For me, part of the fun of travel is to test my wardrobe planning. Were my selections brilliant? Did I wear every single thing? Did I fit right in to wherever I was going, with a little zing? Was there plenty of room in my suitcase for shopping en route?

But, sometimes I ask myself what I would do if all of my luggage were lost. Really lost. It could happen. Rather than being a disaster, such a scenario could provide a new challenge: how to manage without a thing! Well almost. It could be done, no problem.

The solution is to keep something in reserve in your carry-on bag. And that something would be a silk dress from Klements. Lightweight and fabulous, the airy Klements prints are unforgettable and handy. A unique Klements dress would take you anywhere with style. Wear it all day and into the night. Your travel wardrobe simplified.

Charlotte Allen, the designer of the Klements fashion label, would be glad to know that you were putting her clothing to the test. She believes in slowing down, buying less, and making it memorable. The edginess of her designs challenges the wearer to be bold, try something new. The images, printed on silk, are based on Allen’s hand-painted artwork or photography. Each print design is a whole world of color and dreamlike imagery. And each simple, ethereal silk garment somehow becomes a basic. The wearer feels free and easy. It is also nice to know that Klements prides itself on carefully working with family manufacturers in England to create small batch editions of its clothing (scarves are made in Como Italy).

So, bon voyage. Don’t forget the passport, eye drops, paperback book, and snack. Carefully fold your survival kit, the Klements dress, and tuck it into your carryall. You’re free to go.

-Kate L

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