Wardrobe Heroes

I'm on a flight from Istanbul to Dubai.  We are just now crossing the Sea of Marmara, & yesterday we were yachting in the Black Sea.  East - West, & two different seas, connected by the Bosporus straits; quite an amazing place.  I've been traveling between Europe & Saudi Arabia for the past five weeks, & I'm congratulating myself on a job well done, in terms of packing for this trip.  Firstly, anytime I've successfully deployed my entire travel wardrobe in multiple configurations, I'm very pleased.

I left in mid September when Portland was still fully committed to summer. I knew that Tuscany would still be embracing summer & London could change from warm to cool.  Scotland would remain true, firmly rooted to the deepest depths of coolness. Saudi Arabia's triple digit temperatures was tricky for a shade lover such as myself to contemplate .  But I might have actually fallen in love with the never ending desert landscape, the intoxicating aloneness of space, & the unbroken stillness, except for the sighs of the ever blowing wind.

Some of my best wardrobe heroes were Klements, Gilda & Pearl, & Dana Pisarra.  My long Klements sheath dress & full circle skirt, fluttered around me & danced beautifully in the windy desert dunes;  stood their ground with the fashionistas of Milan fashion week, & the chic cool London scene.  My Gilda & Pearl brilliantly bright orange camisole made several appearances peeking boldly out under tee shirts adding a variation on the theme of an edited travel wardrobe. Dana Pisarra camisoles came to the rescue when the weather turned cool or as another option for layering with cardigans.  My rule of thumb still holds; never forget cardigans & scarves when you travel, they really go the distance in providing options, & are essential on flights of any length.
Tonight it's Dubai & tomorrow it's Portland.  I will abruptly land in a new season; so away with my summer wardrobe, hello to fall/winter!  Reaching for my Zynni cashmeres will be the easiest if there's a chill in the air, & I suspect it to be the case.  Wrapped in Zynni I will be less saddened by the sudden loss of summer.  After all, I was just swimming outdoors this morning!  

Emily & I are so excited to unveil the new Zynni fall/winter collections at our Zynni Cashmere Trunkshow this coming Thursday the 19th at the DeLuxe Hotel; that will certainly be a day brightener no matter what the weather holds.   It's such a treat to see the depth of color options available & myriad of new styles.   This time we will also have the pleasure of presenting a selection of Zynni spring/summer, for immediate personal orders, & as we do know, time indeed does fly!

If it's going to be fall, then we should have some fabulous treats in store from our Paris January market days, arriving any day now, if they're not already in.  There will be offerings from Morpho & Luna in burnt orange & burnished gold, in sumptuous silks & velvets.  Inky laces from Cadolle. Bronzy gold lace trimmed lingerie sets from Vannina Vesperini.  Paisley velvet from Christine of Vancouver, & so much more.  It's going to be alright entering into the shortening days & elongated nights as long as we're wrapped in these luscious fabrics, gorgeous laces, & brilliant hues of color.  Bon voyage on our journey into the new season!


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