Holiday Freolic

Get happy for the holidays in JV’s new custom bras from Fréolic London. Let their joyous colors propel you through the busy days ahead. OK to start celebrating NOW.

How to pronounce Fréolic? Sounds a bit like “frolic,” we think. In Old English, it means free and noble. The word inspired Freolic London, a couture lingerie atelier. Each of their garments is custom-made, so possibilities abound for color and lace combos. Faced with the match-up challenge, Jane and Emily rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Just in: three lovely sets from which to choose.

As you may have noticed, lemon yellow is the color of the year. See it everywhere, including in the floral lace cups and tanga front of the Fuchsia and Lemon Lingerie Set. Vibrant fuchsia silk makes a festive background. Silk tulle lines the lace, so that only silk touches your body. The set’s strappy, shapely design defines “free and noble.”

There’s more to see:

Amp up your winter wardrobe with the Ocean Silk and Lace Lingerie Set. The cups and tanga front are constructed of shimmering sea foam green lace. The background is a mouthwatering turquoise silk. Pretty just showing beneath Klements’s caftans, one of Dana Pisarra’s tanks or sweaters, Vannina Vespirini’s Intemporel Lagoon cami.

Explore the world of red in the Brick Silk and Lace Lingerie Set’s shimmering burgundy lace with brick-colored silk. So sociable with other JV reds: Vannina Vespirini’s Burgundy Camisole Set, Christine Vancouver’s Origami Long Silk Robe, or the Blossom Stripe Silk Pajama Set from Meng. 

Bold + luxurious + skimpy + voluptuous = Jane’s Vanity’s formula for frolicking holidays.

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