How Dare I? Ask Emily…

You loved it. You bought it. But will you wear it? Of course you will, says JV’s Emily Tate. She’ll show you how.

We all love Dana Pisarra’s new Luxor Wool Silk Skirt. Its black knit body gives way to sheer lace inserts from upper thigh to calf-length hem. So easy and graceful that one might almost forget the bareness. Let’s talk about it.  

  1. How revealing is The Luxor Wool Silk Skirt? The black lace panels are potentially a bit revealing. You could tone it down with black tights, but would lose the contrast of lace on skin. Instead, luxuriate in it, and rely upon the complexity and sturdiness of its special lace to provide a slight distraction. Boots might mitigate a bit too: ankle, knee, thigh-high.

  1. Where would I wear it? Everywhere! Ideal for each and every at-home winter evening. So cozy and pretty. Or out to dinner with Olivia Von Halle’s versatile Athena blouse (in black or white). Brunch with tights, boots, scarf and Dana’s new Calais Blu Wool Silk Top.  

  1. What will I say if someone asks, “What are you wearing? Is it underwear or what?” Possible responses: Maybe. Like it?? Let me refresh your drink.

  1. Styling tips? Remember, it is not what you wear, but how you wear it. That is, with confidence. Channel your Italian counterpart, who contrasts lace with a big fuzzy sweater (that might slip off a shoulder). Or wear the skirt as an underslip to add a lacy flounce. Match it to your collection of skimpy Dana tops. They mold to your shape and flatter you with a bit of romance. It is an effortless and interchangeable way to dress.

  1. Final words of advice: Have fun with your clothes. Toss in a surprise. It is good for the soul--and the wardrobe.

Thank you, Emily! Looking good in your new daring full-length Luxor Wool Silk Gown! 

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