The Swamp

Welcome to The Swamp, our little lair. Here the champagne is abundant and the lingerie is scant. Excellent conversation alternates with cloud-gazing. A place to relax, try a new book--or a new JV look. The latest? Jungle Green.  

Studio Pia invents, and names, its own special dyes for its peace silks. Jungle Green, for example. Almost pea green. A bit 1930s. A little naughty. The color of a magic potion in a storybook. On silk, it gleams. No. Smolders. Like us.

Here at The Swamp, Jungle Green fits right in. Especially interesting with black, purple, silver, and gold. Also nice with just a white tee shirt and jeans. It is nonchalant, non-conformist, nonpareil. We love it. Looks good on everyone. Studio Pia offers several iterations.

We first noticed Jungle Green as a touch of silk trim for the Sofia Balconette Set. A subtle jolt to the bra and panty’s fabric of oversize jewel embroidery on black tulle. Awesome. This set has become our basic. Wearable in so many ways.

Our desire for Jungle Green grew. Enter The Petra Bralette Set, a soft-cup bra and cheeky bikini made entirely of green silk satin. Sleek, strappy, and ready for fall. All it might need would be…

The Petra Robe. And here it is: decadent yet festive, romantic and fun. One size. Its short kimono style sits somewhere near upper thigh. We might wear it “in” to dramatize other Pia favorites. Or “out” as the ultimate party jacket.

So, back to The Swamp. Where we feel free to be our best selves. In Jungle Green from JV. 

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