Heat Wave

Oh, the impossibility of looking crisp in summer heat. Why not succumb, instead, to lingerie dressing? You’ll be Best Undressed, in lovelies from Jane’s Vanity.

Start by loosening everything up. No one will object. The straps of your Sophia Jewel Green Slip Dress could adjust down a tiny bit. To reveal the fabulous Fiori Bodysuit from Gilda & Pearl. Wear the bodysuit backward for extra ventilation (as you’ll see modeled in the photos). Let the luxurious length of your Slip Dress swirl coolingly around your legs. 

Or, barely wear the hot pink version of the Sophia Slip Dress over Freolic London’s Fuchsia and Lemon Lingerie Set. So gelato. 

Go short at home with the luscious Silver Screen Kitty Slip, also from Gilda & Pearl. Dress it up to go out with Dana Pisarra’s Lille Black Linen Tunic. Its semi-sheer weave, floral appliques, and slightly longer back add a folkloric touch that just suits the season. You’ll love this look over slip dresses of any length. Great for travel too.

Cool off in the teal silk and seafoam lace of Freolic’s Ocean Silk & Lace Lingerie Set. A melting combination with the dreamy greens and blues of Zoelle’s Malachite Butterfly Reversible Hi-Low Dress of pleated chiffon. 

And, as an alternative to sunscreen in the midday sun, get accustomed to casually draping a scarf over your neck, shoulders, bosom, and arms. Ika Paris provides the 31.5” x 31.5” Balabar Silk Scarf or the 51” x 51” Porto Vecchio. Good protection from air-conditioning, too. A scarf is useful in many ways for summer travel abroad.

Enjoy the freedom and beauty of summer undressing, in JV silks that blur the lines, welcome the breezes.

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