Heart to Heart, Part 1

Dear Emily: Come closer. Let’s chat. What are you loving right now in the JV world of fashion? And, dream a little, what are those special items you are hoping will be just around the corner?

If you’ve never visited the Jane’s Vanity atelier, imagine a happy little space up in the clouds, filled with art and pattern and rails of beautiful garments. Over in the corner, two loveseats beckon for a conversation with Emily Tate: 

Tell us what you have found to be the handiest of JV’s latest offerings?

E: Personally, it has been the Rochelle Slip from Emma Harris in a berry purple stretch silk with shimmering purple lace appliqué. I’ve worn it all summer under sheer little dresses; one made entirely of coral lace. The slip has no bulk, so it feels wonderful. And the cups are structured enough to make a bra optional for me. This deep color is a surprise in summer and will be fun in winter too.

Speaking of surprises, what are the pieces that have unexpectedly flown out the door?

E: Foremost is Karolina Laskowska’s new Morphinae Corded Plunge Lingerie Set in black lace! It is not only gorgeous, but also hides a silk-edged power-mesh lining for lift. There is only one left.

Next is Gilda & Pearl’s Sophia Jewel Green Slip Dress. This smoldering color is exciting and happy. It’s what you want to wear on a summer night. And everyone IS wearing it, we only have two left.

The new Malachite Butterfly Reversible Hi-Low Dress from Zoelle has been popular too. So versatile. And packable–those permanent pleats really are permanent. If this one gets away, Zoelle also offers the print in a Top, Wrap Skirt, and Empire Dress.

From your post-COVID vantage point, what is happening among the niche lingerie designers we love? 

E: There has been a reshuffling. We will miss the Dana Pisarra line, which recently closed its doors. But we are pursuing new possibilities for similar fine knits. And are always looking for the perfect cashmere line, silk scarves, and anything else that sparks our imagination.

But, still out there, are special designers who march to their own beat. They go against the grain, against the homogenization of fashion. It can be risky. But they seem to be saying: “Why not go for it. Buy the beautiful thing and enjoy it.” Karolina Laskowska is inspired by the artisanal lace she has collected for years. That is her metre. And our customers “get” it. Her pieces are precious. She sells out. 

These businesses are a guiding light in many ways. They dare us to follow their example and follow our hearts. Coming up, we are seeing more jewel tones, bold prints, designers using yards and yards of material in decadent designs, truly exquisite lace. The well-spring continues to be in Europe, in quiet corners. We are excited to be bringing in some talented new designers this season. 

Merci, Emily! And to both Jane and Emily for showcasing these designs and designers in a special jewel box on the West Coast!  

Coming soon: “Heart to Heart,” Part 2 with Jane Adams of JV.

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