Happy As…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here at JV, we’re happy as can be. It’s our favorite lingerie holiday. How happy are we?

Happy as a cool spring morning in the Sonoran Desert, all abloom in white cactus flowers. Violet & Wren capture the moment with their splashy floral cactus prints. We might choose the sunny Saguaro Gold Bias Slip Dress with hand-drawn florals of white, blue, and teal, or the Queen of the Night Camp Shirt and Maxi Dress with splashy white blossoms on a field of navy blue.

Happy as a puppy. Let’s borrow the one next door and go for a pokey little stroll in Klements’s Reindeer Patti Dress with its animal print, contrasting trim, and handy pockets. 

Happy as a big red paper heart all covered with silly messages that we’ve glued down ourselves. Now to deliver it, wearing something fun: the Christine Vancouver Origami Long Silk Robe in a joyful graphic design of red, white, and seaside blue.  

Happy as a special dinner with candles and music and someone nice. We float around in anticipation wearing Vannina Vespirini’s diaphanous and cheery Vegetal Gown and Robe. 

Happy as friendship. We’ll send a little something to our besties. Perhaps the fabulous Crepuscule scarf from Ika Paris, in blue or green, that features the Egyptian goddess of the sky.

Happy as love. We’ll let it show, close to our hearts, in the mauve-toned, gloriously embroidered Reve Orchidee Lingerie Set from Lise Charmel

Jane’s Vanity sends you happy thoughts and lots of love all year round. 

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