Who knew a flashlight could be so hip? Be prepared to swoon at the hardware store when choosing a beach lantern. Flashlights can be rechargeable, strobing, green-lit, waterproof, all sorts of shapes, even attached to the fingers of gloves. Definitely something for everyone. A minor art form. As are you, in your Jane’s Vanity sparkling attire. 

Investigate the world of flashlight art. Remember those old Parisian picture postcards of monuments after dark, surrounded by ribbons of moving auto lights? A trick of long-exposure photography. You could do something similar on a summer night with a swirling flashlight and a digital camera. You never know quite how each shot will turn out--part of the fun. Become your own nighttime arabesque in Taryn Winters’s Margot Beaded Lingerie Set in black. It is not only flashy, but also the most comfortable bra imaginable. 

Learn shadow art. The software CSP, Clip Studio Paint, can cast shadows over existing images (as seen in Manga comics and cartoons). Wear such special effects with the pixelated Opium Giant Square Scarf from Klements. Or create your own shadows with Cadolle’s Lady Sheer Striped Slip with its high slits at sides and gorgeous wide lace panels at hem. 

If technology proves too challenging, take a more traditional approach to flashing. Choose just the right moment to surprise your bosom buddy with your latest JV treasure. You know you’ve been wanting to. Lise Charmel offers an excuse to do so with the Fete Precieuse Lingerie Set that offers Leavers lace and shimmering embroidery in shades of blue and black. 

Don’t wait for an emergency to shine a light on your flashy best from Jane’s Vanity.

P.S. If you are lucky enough to be in London in the next year, explore the magic of light and dark in Kayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms, immersive installations at the Tate Modern  

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