Dreams Come True

Pia Harpur Conaghan of Studio Pia had a dream: to create luxury lingerie that is not only stylish and sexy, but also sustainable. Since 2010, Pia and her team have worked to create beautiful pieces with the lowest environmental cost. The result is real life dreams, full of heart and creativity, in materials from peace silk to recycled tulle. Jane’s Vanity loves their new Autumn/Winter21 Regalia Collection, inspired by the opulence, decadence, and lavish excess of royal court dressing.

The jewels in Sofia’s court are of the two-dimensional variety, embroidered upon black tulle and crafted into the Sofia Balconette Set. A fun way to own crown-jewel-size stones in shades of white, pink, green, gold, and mulberry. Jungle green silk accents and 24k-plated hardware add a regal touch. Note the bra’s flexible sizing, thanks to its uniquely adjustable silk padded back straps. The matching low-rise bikini panty is made entirely of tulle, with adjustable padded silk straps at sides. And don’t miss the matching garter belt. 

The simplicity of the Petra Robe, in short kimono style, is the perfect foil for Sofia’s jewels. Its signature jungle green color is perhaps the most decadent element of the collection. Here in brilliant cruelty-free organic silk satin. How to describe this color? Imagine the jungle as a boudoir: mysterious, edgy, daring. For more pure jungle green, add the Petra Soft-cup Bralette and Strap Knicker. Sultry under Petra robe. Companionable mixed with the Sofia pieces.

Dreams come true at Jane’s Vanity. Prepare to rule.

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