Let’s Dine Out

Restaurant dining is more complicated these days. But, whether our reservations are for a well-ventilated corner or just the sidewalk, we’re hungry for a dinner out. To dress up a bit. To see people and menus and candles and doggy bags. We invite our friends Dana Pisarra and Vannina Vespirini to join us at the Jane’s Vanity table. 

These two design houses make nice companions. They complement each other and provide just the right snap to our subtly fabulous wardrobe. Dana offers cozy knits with a touch of embellishment. Vannina brings saturated color to perfectly cut silks. The mix highlights the wearer and calls for a second glance. Let’s see how it might work for dinner.

Our “local” is a tiny inn that has turned the parking lot into its main lounge. Music mixes with street sounds as we dine at a picnic table under the trees. Strings of lights twinkle overhead. It can get chilly. What a great opportunity to wear the Romantic Amande Camisole from Dana. Both beautiful and warm, its lace-trimmed natural grey is a knit of mohair, nylon, and alpaca. For underneath, choose Vannina’s Alhambra Gold Bralette Set in champagne tulle. (Menu hint: Order the Reuben).

Then there is Rick’s: Perfect service, perfect martini, perfect filet of sole. And here we are, sweeping along to our socially-distanced table all the way to the back wall. Dana makes sure that our sleeves flutter attractively in the Bordeaux Rib Silk Top with lace insets at wrist that are further embellished with soutache detailing. Vannina adds charm to our walk with the calf-length Burgundy Silk Skirt.  

Or maybe we’re in the mood for an aperitivo at a long panoramic wine bar. Let’s watch the world go by, as we nibble through some “little plates.” Mix it up with Vannina’s Burgundy Silk Camisole Set and Skirt, accented by Dana's Sec Bordeaux Silk Camisole on top.  

And, just around the corner, a warm welcome awaits at Secret Garden Pizza. Here we can be ourselves and experiment with our look. The Flo Silk Tunic from Dana is a flirty cover for Vannina’s Ocean Silk Slip Dress. The simple deep blue beneath the embellished sheer black is a total warm-weather inspiration. For cooler weather, top the slip dress with Dana’s Blu Eden Cashmere Silk Top, a luxe ribbed sweater with beautiful embroidery at sleeves and hem.  

These combinations would make a genius travel wardrobe too. But that is another story. Let’s talk about it over dinner sometime. I’ll call Jane and Emily at JV.

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