Autumnal Alternatives

Fashion reflects its times. This fall, the year’s vicissitudes are evident in two distinct fashion camps: either comfy/cozy or flamboyant. Perhaps a representation of our own mood swings. One is private and protected. The other is bolder, more public. Luckily, loungewear allows us a third choice, that interesting space between two extremes. We need the range right now. And Jane’s Vanity provides the options. 

Comfy/Cozy is tactile and friendly. It calls for texture, weight, and a sense of luxury. Silk is its personification, especially silk velvet. Gilda & Pearl illustrate with their Garland Silk Velvet Robes, either short or long, in sumptuous emerald green. Both styles are completely lined in emerald silk. Wear the short version as a jacket, out and about, all day. It hits at upper thigh and is all you need over jeans, a leotard, a slip dress. The long robe, with its full circle skirt, puts an elegant spin on staying home.

Or let Klements wrap you in the ease of a short silk kimono from its Hendrix Collection. Seasonless and splashy, these little wraps are great both around the house and around town. Choose the Poison Poppy print or the Psychriver, each an embrace of Jimi Hendrix’s love of pattern, on-stage and off. Here’s where the lines begin to blur between Comfy/Cozy and flamboyant!

Flamboyant is a boost to the spirit. The root of the word is the French “flambe” or dancing flame. Here is our exuberance, confidence, and stylishness. Wear a little waist cinch out to the grocery shop? Why not? Especially if it is Karolina Laskowska’s Something Blue Waspie Corset that features hand-appliqued floral lace that is then hand-brushed in shades of blue. Or, wear one of the Hendrix Collection Chiffon Kaftans to sweep through your day. Choose the Poison Poppy in an ethereal green floral design, or the Watchtower with its darker cartoon-like motifs. Both with built-in print slip.

So, where are you today? In the middle? Perhaps in need of something glamorous that wraps you in dreams. And comfort. Look to Emma Harris for the adorable Elsa Navy Silk Pajama set with gold lace Insets at bust and gold appliques at trouser pockets. Add the matching Elsa Navy Silk Robe with its kimono sleeves embellished with more gold lace. Then take a stroll into the beautiful new season.

Jane’s Vanity loves your autumn style. 

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