Champagne goes with everything. Don’t we know. It’s a champagne time of year. Jane’s Vanity gets comfortable with a glass of bubbly and some sparkling beigy thoughts.

The color called champagne is a nice neutral building block for lingerie. We perk up at the mention of champagne tulle as the base for all sorts of confections. Gilda & Pearl’s Champagne set glitters like bubbles in your glass. Vannina Vespirini builds upon it to create the Classique Black Lingerie Set of dimensional embroidered applique and the racer-backed Alhambra Black Bralette Set with scalloped embroidery details.

Voiment engineers the Silk Wired Bodysuit of champagne silk and tulle panels. The underwired cups support triangles of mesh and black-stiched lace. A lovely basic to wear every day, you lucky thing.   

Champagne glasses somehow figure into bra designs, also. Is it true that the original coupe was modeled after a particular beautiful breast? No, darlings, although the web is filled with its own champagne-based embroidery on the subject.  But, just for fun, you might choose a balconette or demi bra that offers a pleasing orb shape. Check out the colorful Ritratti Michelle Cobalt Balconette Set or Lise Charmel’s Soir de Venise Orchid Lingerie Set. 

A coupe-shaped glass is so graceful to hold. One feels a little “Marilyn” as one cocks a wrist and admires the bubbles doing their thing. It quenches a certain sort of thirst. There are lots of coupes out there. No need for a set. Better to mix and match, perhaps. Like your collection of one-of-a-kind lingerie. 

Jane’s Vanity looks forward to seeing you all again (soonish) for a champagne toast. Meanwhile, we’ll keep our spirits up with history-making lingerie and a bottle of fizz in the fridge. 

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