Party of Two

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the right time to get flirty. Jane’s Vanity to the rescue with lingerie and loungewear to fit the action.

Your first waffle: Your invitation said “intimate brunch.” You’d planned it so carefully. How hard could waffles be? Well, the firemen were awfully nice, and handsome. Maybe next time you could manage scrambled eggs, or just pour the champagne. No one cared. You looked fabulous, darling, in your Regency Stripe Silk Pajama from Violet & Wren, unbuttoned to show the Gilded Macaron Lingereie Set from Gilda & Pearl.  

A private picnic lunch pour deux: What could go wrong? It rained. But, oh well. Nice instead to stay at home and recline by the fire with a sandwich. You showed true indoor/outdoor spirit in Twill Magnolia Trousers from For Restless Sleepers with Dana Pisarra’s Sens Shell Silk Cardigan.

Much depends on dinner: So tonight you’ve ordered out. Brilliant! Now light the candles, choose a soundtrack, and concentrate on a sparkling evening. Swan around in Christine Vancouver’s Ophelia Floral Gown. 

Practice makes perfect when you choose a recipe for seduction from Jane’s Vanity. 

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