Conversation Pieces

Soon we must get up and get going. Can’t remember where. Meanwhile, let’s sit and chat a bit longer. The R & B background music is perfect for an afternoon of getting better acquainted. And the look? Definitely the new Gilda & Pearl Persephone Collection, just in at Jane’s Vanity. It is our glamorous way to live and lounge in luscious golden-soft yellow silk with light-catching metallic lace.

But first, the music. Let it be Zhané and their first album, Pronounced Jah-Nay, released in 1994. Feel the bump of its soul sound to a hip hop rhythm created by the female duo Renee Neufville and Jean Norris. 

To complete the mellow mood, we’ll recline in our new buttercup-colored loungewear. A refreshing variation on the Old Hollywood groove. Choose the Camisole and Short or the Chemise. And over all, the hip-length Robe. Each is embellished with beautiful shimmering French lace, made on 19th century looms.  

When it is time to get dressed, our Persephone pieces will provide the inner glow. They are breezy now in the warm weather. They’ll be luxurious later on, layered with assorted pajamas, jackets, separates, etc. This color of sunshine will make the mix.

And, hey, let’s keep talking. Quick, tell me the latest from Jane’s Vanity.

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