Picnic for Two

Have you been neglecting picnic possibilities? Consider the delight of a simple meal for two, composed with flair at the deli counter, served anywhere, playfully consumed. A picnic is really just a little party. Make it special with a few embellishments: a bottle of bubbly, a mountain of pillows, zippy cocktail napkins, and, of course, something picturesque from Jane’s Vanity.

Picnic In the Country: The French would say un pique-nique en plein air. So easy to imagine it. A blanket in a field of flowers. Charming edibles. And you, asleep, because a picnic invites a nap. You’ll look charming lying among the sandwiches in the new Emma Harris Elsa Navy Silk Pajama Set and Robe with shimmering gold lace appliqué. 

Picnic on a Rainy Day at Home: Turn off the screens and camp out by a window to watch the sky. Lay an exotic rug with your bounteous spread. Add candles and a bright silky robe. May we suggest Christine Vancouver’s Origami Long Silk Robe in a feast of prints and clear colors.

The Grand Seduction Picnic: Getting there is half the fun, so stretch it out. Add a few surprises, such as a little gift, a note, an elaborate food presentation. When the main course is you, consider black silk with sparkling lace. Emma Harris offers the exquisite Amelie Shaped Plunge Set and matching Amelie Black Silk Robe. Be sure to point out the intricacies of its couture appliqué techniques. 

Picnic on the Fly: Cheers for the impromptu picnic, served up on the first sunny day, on vacation, or just when the mood strikes. The perfect excuse for a little time alone together. Be ready, in something billowy from Klements. The Kew Print Painters Smock Blouse would be just the thing, with its dark silk woodland print and romantic sleeves, that looks great with jeans or a short skirt.

Every day is a picnic in gourmet loungewear from Jane’s Vanity.

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