Long before the photograph came into existence, intimate group portrait paintings were an important part of 18th and 19th century upper class English life. You’ve seen the variations, from those of Thomas Gainsborough forward to David Hockney and Kehinde Wiley.  It is called the Conversation Group. Imagine how your Jane’s Vanity collection might inform such a private scene. 

The pleasure of creating a Conversation Piece lies in the composition, just as it does when you build your JV wardrobe. A variety of colors, patterns, and shapes can rub elbows. As at this garden party, left to right:

With studied nonchalance, the first guest faces the world in Lila Phaedra Silk Pajamas from Olivia Von Halle. Navy blue silk sports palm design in pink, green, and gold. Swarovski pink crystal buttons.

To the right, guest number two bends over a chair back and brings a finger to her cheek. Who can miss the oversize magnolia print of her Violet & Wren Camo Bloom Bias Slip or the black lace halter back?

Poised at the tea table, the hostess is ready to pour. Her opulent Olivia Von Halle Bettina Willow Dress is slightly unbottoned at knee to show off her legs.

Arm and arm, the twins stand in the middle of the garden in matching long robes from Gilda & Pearl in MIdnight Jade and Midnight Cognac.

In the foreground, the next guest sits on the grass and plays with a spaniel. She accessorizes her Violet & Wren Ebony Silk Jumpsuit with a matching turban. 

Nearby, on horseback, the beauty sits side-saddle in Morpho + Luna’s Chloe Night Silk Gown.

On the right, the daughter points toward a distant field of grain. Her Olivia Von Halle Havana Silk Pajamas mirror the verdant scene.

Finally, angels overhead float among the clouds in their Lise Charmel Affinite Couture Cotton Slips.

Step back and admire another masterpiece from Jane’s Vanity.

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