Come For Sunset

Don’t miss it. The sunset ritual. A time to stop what you’re doing and honor the beauty of the evening. It’s a big deal. So dress for sunset, in flashes of color from Jane’s Vanity.

Perhaps you’ve seen the famous flash of green at sunset or sunrise. For just a few seconds, on a clear horizon, the very last/first hint of sunlight is caught in the prism of the earth’s atmosphere. Wear your own more lasting optical treat with Vannina Vesperini’s loungy green separates of Khaki Silk Camisole, Skirt, or Jane Trousers.

Or choose a fiery flash of scarlet and gold from Studio Pia. Their Aretha collection showcases geometric patterns recreated from 1970s designs. Begin with the hip Embroidered Lingerie Set. Wrap up the evening with the matching Embroidered Kaftan Robe in sheer tulle with drawstring belt, ¾ bell sleeves, and knee length. Wearable at home or as outerwear for the perfect beach coverup.

A flash of pink? Why not? Make your own pink lightning with the positive charge of Gilda & Pearl’s Kitty Marabou Silk Pajama. Cozy in the evening air with its slender cropped trousers and marabou trim at ¾ sleeves. Bring a sweater too: the fuzzy little Fuchsia Boatneck from Vannina Vespirini.

And, finally, create a flash of blue when you shimmer into the Emma Harris Elsa Navy Silk Pajama Set. Its Sunset Boulevard charm is enhanced by golden lace appliqué at the camisole’s sheer bosom insets and at the pockets of the slouchy trousers. 

Sunset creates a little party every night. The moon and stars will be arriving soon. Be part of the celebration, in loungewear from JV.

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