Awash in Beauty

It’s laundry day at Apt. 3G. You might think a trip to the basement facilities would be anything but glamorous. Au contraire. It’s a great fashion runway for your loungewear. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the everyday in something fabulous from Jane’s Vanity. Add a splash of perfume. And get ready to fluff and fold!

Waltz your hamper down the hall to the elevator, press the button, and check yourself out in the convenient full-length mirror. Stand up straight! Smile! You’re looking good in your Christine Vancouver St. Tropez Silk Robe in a floral design of chartreuse, sky blue, and coral, with accents of black, white, and tan. The crepe de chine fabric is printed on the outer crepe side, so the satiny interior caresses your skin.

In the laundry room, greet all of the regulars and let the gossiping begin. The verb for that in Italian is “chiacchierare.” Like cluck cluck cluck. Sounds right. You’ll look right in another version of Christine's St. Tropez print, this time the drapey Silk Top, to wear over your regulation black leggings. 

Socks socks socks. In this communal space, socks are often left solitary and neglected. Not possible for your own dazzling array of hosiery from Barazandeh and Maria La Rosa. It is back upstairs, receiving the royal treatment.

Bonus: The book exchange in the laundry room provides a sociological portrait of the building’s residents. As you study the titles, perhaps someone will be studying you, in your Esmé Ostrich Lounge Set from Gilda & Pearl. The combo’s black stretch silk is accented by ostrich feathers at sleeve cuffs and trouser hems.

Don’t forget to check out the “free” ledge, over by the sink. Here, anonymous gifts have been left with messages on post-its. Example: “used once.”

You’ve finished! Now dodge the swinging doors of the parcel wall, sweep past the mailboxes, and head home for lunch. Next week on laundry day, you can practice wearing your beach coverups. Studio Pia's Aretha Embroidered Kaftan Robe will cheer up any venue with its scarlet and golden embroidery on sheer tulle. So layerable over a clean little tee and jeans. 

Jane’s Vanity loves your bubbly style.

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