Coffee Shop Tableaus

We might be bleary-eyed, but we can see that there is more than cappuccino steaming up our favorite coffee spot. Little morning lingerie vignettes remind us that Jane’s Vanity gets up early, too. We take note.

In her spot by the window, the aspiring novelist is on fire with inspiration. She sees nothing but her laptop and latte. Across the room, someone is noticing her Klements Psychriver Kimono worn over skinny jeans and skinnier Parigi Cotton Tank from Dana Pisarra.

Raincoats can’t hide the silk pajamas of sleepy lovers in need of espresso. Olivia Von Halle’s Lila Amity Silk Pajama in navy print looks dapper at dawn, lovely in line. 

For a coffee shop goodbye, we see a passionate sendoff from Morpho+Luna’s Flannel Dressing Gown. A cozy Bon Voyage in 100% wool. As the taxi departs, so does the robe, on a dash back to bed.  

Days of non-verbal communication end today as lingerie breaks the ice for two flirts. Emma Harris’s Elsa Navy Silk Pajama Set, with its racer-back glamour, is sporty enough for the task. And, yes, it comes here often, appliqéd with gold Leavers lace in all of the right places.

Traffic stops promptly as a dog walker sashays across the street for her “flat white.” Olivia Von Halle again with her Coco Crepe de Chine Pajama with navy-patterned piping on white silk.   

And we like to see hand-holding while doing the crossword on those high barista stools. An excellent way to show off Vannina Vespirini’s Khaki Silk Jane Trousers and matching Silk Camisole.

Jane’s Vanity starts the day off right, with just what you ordered and a little bit more. 

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