It’s so you. That certain something that has become your signature. It might be a color or a piece of jewelry. When you wear it, you feel like yourself. It defines, protects, tells your story. It is your friend. Here we offer a sample of such things that we love and need. We’ve included, of course, our favorite buddies from JV.

The color grey: So soothing, so chic, so versatile. Dana Pisarra celebrates grey with the Sens Smoke Silk Cardigan, a pleasure to wear every day. We are wearing it now. Notice the floral lace panel down the back! 

Pretty new stockings: A little stack of JV stay-ups, still in their packaging, is like a tonic for the traveler, the wedding guest, the romantic.

Neck mess (or wrist mess): Wear all of your jewelry at once? Well, almost. It’s a trend. We love it. And it looks especially fetching as it frames the decollete of Taryn Winters’s Morganne Babydoll in black silk chiffon. 

A black bra, with an interesting twist: We never have enough. Our latest desire is the Camille Roucher Gold Pearl Lingerie Set in dreamy silk floral print of black and gold. 

A collection of chemises, just for sleeping: Tonight let it be Morpho + Luna’s Paris Stripe Silk Chemise in pink and white candy-stripe with heavy lace accenting. 

Make a new friend, with something special from Jane’s Vanity. 

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