A Cameo Performance

An evening stroll in a summery Italian beach town will inevitably lead to the jewelry store windows. There to feast one’s eyes on corals, pearls, and cameos. Artisans have recreated these gifts of the sea in astonishing ways. The originality and audacity of their work just suits the vacationer’s sun-soaked style. A cameo in particular tells a little story. Let’s have a closer look. Isn’t that you there, in profile, wearing something sunny from Jane’s Vanity?

A cameo might be carved from seashell or agate. The design possibilities have varied through history. Once the image might have been a Greek god or a Roman hero. Later, a cameo often displayed a lovely woman in profile. Napoleon doted on cameos. Queen Victoria created a rage for them.

Back to the jewelry store window. Over in the corner…

See yourself in sensuous semi-profile adorned by Gilda & Pearl’s Kew Palm Print Silk Gown. Its petal pink is easy to imagine intermingled with a pattern of lime green palm fronds. A lovely combination for this sweeping gown that calls out for a moonlit walk by the sea.

Or strike an over-the-shoulder pose in another Gilda & Pearl silk gown, the Gina Peony. Like an Italian film star, you smoulder in bias-cut peach pink with gold lace accenting at neckline and back.

Smile full-face in the matching Gina Peony Lingerie Set. Love the flirty black accenting that recalls the darkness of rare sardonyx shell cameos.

Pose in Karolina Laskowska’s Eos Couture Lingerie Set. Head held high, you gaze into the distance in pale aqua blue lace re-embroidered in shades of sage and mink with pale gold sequins. Just add a cameo necklace?  

A little bit camp, as light as a gelato, a peachy cameo is your summer souvenir of vacation garb from Jane’s Vanity.

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