Backyard Days

In summer, one hopes for a laidback but constant sort of social life. I call it “backyard.” Such co-mingling should be casual yet festive, possibly spontaneous. The vibe can be achieved without a backyard. But does require friends who are as crazy as you are, and, of course, clothing from Jane’s Vanity that puts us all in a party mood. We imagine scenarios:

The Breakfast Party: Maybe it is your birthday, and you want to celebrate all day. Offer cake. Pipe in Herbie Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Stand out, in Lise Charmel’s combo of Sublime a Deux Halter Lingerie Set and matching Silk Trouser.

The “May I Borrow a Cup of Vino?” Party: Only if I can come with it. Tag along in shorts and your Klements’s silk Chihuahuan Desert Mildred Blouse.  

The Afternoon of Getting-Dressed-Up-for-the-Neighbors’-Outdoor-Wedding Party: OMG, we’ll be fabulous in a JV dress. But which one? Violet & Wren’s Ultra Blue Peony Silk Gown makes the final cut. Periwinkle color, flowery print, black lace inserts, romantic length, and charming dècolletè all contribute to a memorable barefoot entrance at the garden gate.

The Sunday Night Return From Camping Party: The perfect moment to order pizza all around and eat outside in your pajamas. Not just any pajamas, however, but the Christine Vancouver Darwin Silk Pajamas in navy with a menagerie of animals and butterflies in shades of white, gold, pink, and purple.

The “Just Because” Party: let’s celebrate summer, and friendship, under the stars. Come as you are, or cheat a little and wear Lise Charmel’s Rêve Orchidée Devoré Robe to look accidentally amazing.

Live the summer moment, in instant party clothes from Jane’s Vanity.  

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