Atmospherically Speaking

Even before you try it on, you know who you will become in this garment. Something about it speaks to you: the colors, the fabric, the drape. You picture a scene. And enter it. Jane’s Vanity brings you just such evocative pieces from around the world. Who and where will you be in JV’s latest finds?

Velvety in Athens: In a long velvet dress from Greek designer Stelios Koudounaris, you will become a travel insider. Blend in as you stand out, protected by dark colors, floaty shapes. To explore Athens’s hip neighborhoods, you’ll feel perfectly attired in the batwinged teal afternoon dress. Or to make the lively club scene, you’ll like the halter-topped purple gown with a high slit skirt. For the cooler “shoulder seasons” of fall and spring, these packable velvet dresses could be a travel wardrobe all by themselves. 

Up in the Clouds in Vancouver: Home at last, after days on the road. Your little apartment in the Sunset neighborhood is the ideal outpost to watch the ships on English Bay. Brew a cup of fragrant tea and become your alter ego: the thoughtful observer. Who slips into Christine Vancouver’s Erté Collection, each piece in an Art Deco peacock feather print. Tonight, home alone, you’ll snuggle into the silk devoré Pajama and matching Robe. For special company, keep the robe, but switch out the pajamas for a choice of Emma Harris’s Elsa Lingerie Set in Teal or the Celeste Raspberry Lingerie Set in juicy purple. Or go bare beneath the Erté Silk Gown in teal, silhouetted by its ravishing black lace trim. 

London Calling: Be an English girl when you slip into the slightly retro Celeste Camisole Set, also from the British designer Emma Harris. Choice of Raspberry or Champagne. Wear Its gold-appliquéd silk beneath a twin-set, or for all to see with wide trousers and snappy belt. Nice with a mini skirt from Mary Quant, a floppy hat from Biba, and a soundtrack from Herman’s Hermits. See you at the pub.

Be transported by lovely JV pieces. Wear them every day. See where they take you.

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