Adventures of a Cotton Camisole

Picture a perfect little garment: the Dana Pisarra cotton camisole. Its fine ribbing and trim are flattering alone or underneath. It is a dream to wash and quickly dry on the line. In black, grey, or white, it is the ideal companion for a trip.

On Fire Island, it rocked cocktail time, paired with a gypsy skirt.

On a Jamaican beach at 6AM, it gave cover during exercise.

In a Parisian morning downpour, it was just decent under my raincoat.

Layered over a bikini, it surfed Maui.

In the Floating World of Kyoto, it felt right as I gazed from my balcony.

Biking in Thailand, it was my air-conditioning.

Fly-fishing in Montana required a tight little camisole to offset the mosquito gear.

In Yellowstone, it peeked out from a flannel shirt.

In sunny Havana, a camisole is the only thing.

The thermal baths at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon saw a wet camisole.

It looked sporty In a Madagascar hammock as I played the guitar.

In Patagonia, we slept.

Home now. Laundry done. I fold my camisole and see it all again.

-Kate L

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