A Time of Fantasy

January is the most luxurious month for fantasy. From your cozy window you can look out and dream, make plans, enjoy bad weather. To get into the mood, wear unexpected combinations from Jane’s Vanity. They’ll enhance your reverie. And suggest delightfully unexpected ways to dress. These two concepts are essential to wearing JV–and to enjoying a winter recharge. 

Take a leisurely look at your lingerie collection. Something special yet forgotten is surely hiding there. Such as Cadolle’s Gloria Metallic Bralette Set. It fits like a glove and radiates a kind of fire. Wear it under favorite denim and a silky top: the Camo Bloom Blouse from Violet & Wren. Add Morpho + Luna’s Flannel Dressing Gown, worn as a duster. Accessorize, of course, with pearly Margaret Earrings from Gisel B. And glittery Gleaming Hive Socks from Falke

A delicate camisole can rouse a new look. Wear it bare and add a touch of perfume. Merle Noir’s Rustique Couture Pink Camisole has been waiting to help you experiment with an assortment of delicious fragrance oils in roll-on form from Voyage et Cie. Choose, perhaps, the St. Barths Amber. Now slip into the Golden Hollywood Silk Pajamas from Gilda & Pearl and waft over to your pillow-filled window seat.

A sheer new blouse deserves a winter try-out. The ethereal cotton-silk mix of Stelios Koudouonaris’s Big Collar Shirt, choice of black or white, will show off a pretty bra set. Go bold, why not, with something sparkly and low-cut from Taryn Winters. Add Dana Pisarra’s Liberty Black Wool Skirt over Morpho + Luna’s Dancing Butterflies Silk Pajama trousers. Or maybe wear the blouse over nothing but Gilda & Pearl’s sheer black Jardin de la Lune Lounge Set.

You might be wishing for an occasion to wear a fabulous dress. This is it. Your Zennor Dress from Klements will love the opportunity to cozy up. Its almost 16 feet of bias-cut silk requires nothing more than a glass of champagne. 

In the world of indoor fantasy, practice makes perfect. So wear something glamorous every day. Layer, bare, and smell nice too. Create your own private Jane’s Vanity experience.  

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