A Shot of Black

First, there was the Little Black Dress (LBD). Next came the Little White Dress (LWD). But don’t forget the Little Black Accent (LBA).

No matter your skin tone or wardrobe choices, you can add a shot of black. For day or night, a black accent gives your wardrobe definition. You are suddenly dressed up, glamorous, a bit smug.

Where to start? Use the photos on the Jane’s Vanity website as a lesson in color, especially black. The low cut of many of the black garments allows them to contrast with the canvas of your skin color. On light or dark skin, plunging black frames your head and shoulders and pulls the eye to your bosom. Flattering and alluring. Notice how black trim, or a touch of black beneath a lighter coverup, bounces the eye back up to your smiling face. Morpho+Luna’s Paris Floral Silk Chemise is a perfect example of this trompe l’oeil.

Black is reassuring, whatever the dose. Its neutrality is relaxing, enveloping, smart. A long-sleeved black top could showcase your bejeweled wrists. Try Dana Pisarra’s in Calais Silk Cashmere with its cuffs of lace. Or tie a scarf at the throat. Choose one of Klements’s black background printed scarves such as “Natural History” or “In Bloom.”

Black can be sporty, too. It looks especially well with olive drab. Just add cognac leather accessories. It is also great as stripes, polka dots, or a tiny menswear pattern such as that used in Olivia Van Halle’s Lila Amity Silk Pajama.  

And the shot of black that doesn’t show? When asking for a raise or speaking in public, you’ll get a morale boost from a hidden bit of black lingerie. On a first date, black underneath leaves something to the imagination--yours. Float home, considering future possibilities for the LBA.

-Kate L

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