And Under the Little Jacket?

Borrowed from the boys, refined by Coco, Marlene, and Yves, the little jacket is “the business” for Fall 2017.  Everyone will be suited up like David Bowie. And underneath?

Once upon a time, the wearer of a tuxedo or DJ (dinner jacket) first donned a starched white shirt. By the late 1920s, that was traded for a white silk nightshirt, possibly by a trendsetter who was very late for the party. Not surprisingly, the waistcoat designed to be worn over the shirt has now become optional. James Bond to the rescue (see The Suits of James Bond.

  1. Enter Le Smoking by Yves Saint Laurent, the feminine and iconic iteration of the tuxedo. Worn commando, Le Smoking is considered the ne plus ultra of chic. But, perhaps, only on someone else. Instead, wear a gorgeous black bra under your jacket. You’ve come to the right place for that! Try Lise Charmel’s Ajourage Petales Lingerie Set in black. You might add a black lace blouse from Dana Pisarra. Or a thin white t-shirt. An elegant shell could be the answer, such as Dana Pisarra’s Lined Black Lace number. Pair with cascading trousers or skinny jeans. Add heels and tousle your hair. Done.

Tuxedos are, of course, not the only variation on the little jacket. Chanel’s nipped in coats found inspiration in masculine work clothes, uniforms, English country duds, and even Tyrolean costume. A simple neckline is the way to frame it, even just a peek. Fleur of England offers a choice of black or gold in their “Signature” camisole sets. Coco would add a jewel or two.

This year’s jacket will be long and skinny. The material fabulous. Become an Italian contessa who wears her jacket everywhere, her hauteur balanced by a hands-in-her-pockets nonchalance. And underneath? Why not a silk nightshirt!

-Kate L

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