The Gift of Romance: Buying Lingerie For Your Lover

The gift of lingerie can be so immensely rewarding for both the giver and the recipient, but is too often fraught with worry about selecting the right size and style. With 25 years of experience helping Cupid hit his mark, we have some simple tips to help you narrow the playing field and select a luxurious gift that you'll both love.

Come Prepared
No matter how lovely an item is, if it doesn't fit, the jig is up. The more information you have on what sizes your lover wears the easier it will be for you to select the right sized gift for her. The most relevant sizes for lingerie purchases include bra, panty, and dress. Many of our clients keep their lovers measurements in their wallet or in a note on their iPhone. Having a conversation with your lover about her sizes is a great way to learn details on her preferences in style and fit. 

Hoping for the element of surprise? A peek inside her lingerie drawer should give you all the information you need. Be sure to write down both the band (number) and cup (letter) from the bra, as both details are immensely important. No easy access to her wardrobe? Try sneaking a peek at a clothing label, or asking her friends! 

If all else fails, the only thing you really need to know is what size she'd wear on the spectrum of SmallMedium, Large (and all the extras on either end). Fortunately, there are a number of styles that are incredibly flexible on fit, including robes and ultra-stretchy rib silk camisoles from Dana Pisarra. These are a great option if you are unsure of her specific bra or dress sizes!

Pay attention
A truly great gift will suit her style and fit seamlessly into her existing wardrobe, but not exactly duplicate anything she already owns. If she has an extensive collection of silk camisoles, adding one in a color or pattern she doesn't already own is a lovely way to add to a collection you know she already enjoys. If she's particularly fond of a certain color, you can be sure she'll appreciate a gift in that shade. If her drawers are filled with demi-cut bras from one designer in particular, why not buy her a similar style in a new fabric?

On the flip side: considering the things she doesn't wear is just as important. If you've never seen her wear the color yellow, you might not want to buy her a pajama set or full-length robe in that hue without some indication that she would appreciate it. If she is self conscious about her derrière, a g-string might not be her top pick.

You are in the unique position of knowing this beautiful woman intimately. Don't underestimate your ability to narrow down what she would appreciate!

The gift is for her
Your lovers comfort level in lingerie should directly influence the gift you choose to give her. If her idea of risqué is a cotton nightgown, she likely wouldn't be comfortable receiving a corset -- a classic silk gown would likely be much more her style. Buying a gift that suits her comfort level is integral in giving a gift that seems thoughtful, not forceful. Veering too far from her comfort level can result in a gift that seems more for the purchaser than the recipient, and is an unfortunate reason for gifts of lingerie to go unworn.

Ask for help
Unsure of what size or style would go over best? Ask for help. Whether you're shopping with Jane's Vanity or another boutique, the sales staff likely has a wide knowledge base on the fit of the items they stock, and can help guide you to a gift she's sure to love. At Jane's Vanity, we take great pleasure in helping clients find the perfect gift. We welcome shoppers to contact us with questions, large or small - we truly want to be sure that every treasure we sell goes to the right home! Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any question, large or small. 

Now that you have a better idea of where to begin, why not begin shopping? Whether you choose to offer your lover the luxury of loungewear or the seduction of lingerie, our online boutique is brimming with exquisite options to pamper and please.

{All photos in this post were taken by Jeff S Rutherford at our 2015 Holiday Soiree. Please CLICK HERE to stay informed about future events with Jane's Vanity!}

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