Holiday Lookbook: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Our 2015 Holiday Lookbook was inspired by the richness of paintings by the Dutch Masters; their lavish textures, glowing Chiaroscuro light, and inescapably moody ambiance. What better way to showcase our most decadent collections of the year? A beautiful woman reclining on a velvet chaise swathed in silk, surrounded by fruits, flowers, candles and wine: this is the holiday spirit I want to evoke, a vision far away from polyester santa hats and disposable gifts. Alongside representing the style of painting I was so inspired by, the darkness of the images also seems like the perfect nod to the winter season, and the exotic luxuries of silk and lace that will help brighten the days until the sun returns again.

There were so many elements on this shoot that had to be absolutely perfect in order to get the look we were aiming for, and I was so fortunate to work with a talented team that could pull everything together.

I was lucky enough to have George Barberis referred to me, a spectacular photographer who specializes in still-life photography of this ilk: a click over to his website showed image after image that fit the mood I was looking for. His technical knowledge and incredible dedication to capturing the best possible images took the whole shoot to the next level, as did the incredible team of assistants he brought in to aid in lighting, arranging and re-arranging the set as the day progressed. One of the assistants even accidentally lit her hair on fire in pursuit of the perfect candle drip!

I was also fortunate enough to already know Kassandra Sommerville, a hair and makeup artist in the Portland area who has proven time and time again her versatility and creative spark. Having seen the costume work she did with the late and much-beloved boutique Eden, as well as her work on our Classic Lookbook video a few summers back, I knew she would be integral to the styling of the shoot.

We rent furniture from Something Borrowed for many of our events, and Lane truly has the most incredible variety of beautiful vintage items, all impeccably maintained. When it came time to source furniture and other props for this shoot, she was the first person I though of. From candlesticks to exquisite Victorian furniture, her cultivated inventory is present throughout the shoot, and truly adds a dimensional luxury that we couldn't have achieved without her.

And flowers – oh, the flowers. Spellbound Flowers has an extensive history with Jane's Vanity, forever astonishing us with her inventive designs and expansive vision. We turn to her for arrangements for our office and atelier, as well as for florals at all of our events. I knew if anyone could carry forward my vision it would be her, and she absolutely did not disappoint. Her conjuring of peonies in late November lent the arrangements the lush abundance necessary for the genre, and the exquisite textural elements included give the photos an even more painterly air. Her work truly is bespoke “fleur couture”, expertly tailored to your preferences and needs.

Our beautiful models were eternally patient with the extended time it took to capture each shot, and perfectly showcased our most fanciful designs. The Holiday Season is the ultimate excuse for us to bring in the most lavish and lovely of creations, and the vibrant hues and sumptuous materials in the treasures by Gilda & Pearl, Cadolle, Meng, Marjolaine, Elise Anderegg, Cotton Club & Christine seem to glow in the eye of the camera. Who wouldn't want to paint such luscious styles?

I am beyond ecstatic to be able to share these images with you – hopefully they make you as weak in the knees as they do me. Escape in our 2015 Holiday Lookbook here.



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