Ode to the Love of Silk Pajamas


Who doesn't want to wake up & feel like this, sunshine & happiness? We may not all be at at Lake Tahoe at summer's end, when sunshine pours in at days break & heralds a magnificent day to seize. But if you were to slip into a pair of Olivia Von Halle pajamas you just might be able to capture such a moment for yourself. The seemingly magic effect of the perfect pair of pajamas should never be taken for granted. They may whisk you off like a magic carpet ride to slumber, with all its restorative charms; that liberate you to greet the new day with gusto. The whisper of silk around you, caressing you to a feeling of well being, centers you for a night of sleep or a fellowship with the night.

Olivia Von Halle pajamas are a sophisticated brand of cool; imaginative prints in uber slick silhouettes that stretch beyond the imagination of simple sleepwear. Not just for sleep, you are set to entertain at home, dance the fandango at a moments notice, or open the door for a special delivery or a room service call. Olivia Von Halle pajamas are an investment to your happiness & a click away from being a reality.


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