Lingerie as Outerwear: Beyond the Slip Dress


There is no trend we are more delighted to see holding on to the runway than lingerie as outerwear: with lingerie this beautiful, why wouldn't you want to show it off? Sheer insets, lace accents, and corseting-inspired designs are prolific in this season's couture creations: all signs that lingerie continues to hold its own in the fashion circuit. Many designers are creating with this in mind, and the opportunities span far beyond the classic slip dress. Below are a few of our favorite styles, available to purchase here at, to integrate into your day-to-day wardrobe for a look that's elegant and timeless – and potentially far from risque.
Sheer lace apparel is an easy way to get the lingerie-inspired look with a completely flexible level of modesty. Pairing slip or camisole in a contrasting color is a great way to show off the lace detailing and make sheer styles appropriate for any occasion, while the daring may opt to wear these styles over nothing but a beautiful lingerie set or body suit. Take your lace layering a step further with tights, scarves, and jackets in the winter months for a look that is ultra-feminine yet quite functional.
Not only do silk camisoles feel divine on the skin, they are also an easy way to show a peek of lingerie while still maintaining modesty. Whether you choose to wear a bold silk charmeuse style under an open sweater or jacket or simply let the lace detailing on the bust of an ultra-lightweight rib silk from Dana Pisarra peek from the neckline of your blouse, the opportunities to show off layered lingerie looks are endless.
With fashionistas integrating their pajamas into ensembles for the front-row at fashion week and slip-dresses the ubiquitous must-have style for the season, loungewear is ready to leave the home. The trick to styling loungewear so you won't look like you just rolled out of bed? Balancing volumes and making sure the rest of you is impeccably “dressed”. Tuck a silk pajama top into a pencil skirt for a spin on a classic look, or pair the pajama pant with a blazer and heels. Kimono robes are a beautiful cover-up over a simple dress or a top and slim trouser. Whatever you do: lipstick and jewelry are key.
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